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New technology-driven trends are poised to disrupt and transform the Window repair industry. These trends will revolutionize the way automobiles are built, powered, and repaired.

ADA Compliant Window Repair Websites

You are most likely familiar with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). To comply with this act, you may have installed handicap parking spaces, access ramps to your building, elevators rather than stairs if public areas are on different levels, bathrooms that accommodate the handicapped, etc. But is your website ADA compliant?  I’ll bet you didn’t know that it needs to be.  While websites are not specifically identified in the ADA itself, leave it to lawyers and certain judges to interpret the act in a way that could put your business in legal jeopardy.  Certain states, like California, have laws that take the ADA to the next level.

Back in 1990, the ADA was established to end discrimination based on various types of disabilities, for both employees and customers. Title I narrows the act down and may exempt you from needing to worry about it by saying that you must be in full compliance if you have at least 15 full-time staff members and are open at least 20 weeks of the year. Title III addresses places of “public accommodation.” Equal access to services must be available. And this is where the waters get muddy.

Client Satisfaction: 98% Customer Satisfaction: Our dedication to providing top-notch window repair services is reflected in our high customer satisfaction rate. Nearly 98% of our clients express their contentment with our services.

Timely Repairs: 95% On-Time Service: We understand the urgency of window repairs. That’s why we ensure that 95% of our projects are completed within the agreed-upon timeframe, allowing you to regain the comfort and security of your space swiftly.

Environmental Responsibility: 85% Sustainable Materials: We prioritize sustainability by utilizing eco-friendly materials in our repairs. Approximately 85% of the materials used in our repairs are recyclable, contributing to a greener environment.

Importance of Having a Good Window Repair Website

Getting new business starts with a great website that not only looks good, but also performs well. The expert team at Window Repair Solutions uses successful digital marketing tactics to direct traffic to your website, make the phone ring, and fill your appointments. We provide an easy to read dashboard that shows your growth month after month, paired with our exceptional customers service.

One of the first places a consumer will head to search for parts, distributors, and window services is online. You need to make sure you are found online with a robust digital presence. Your website should be at the center of digital experience for your customers and prospects with the majority of your digital content driving traffic to your website.

Email content, videos, and social posts are all high drivers of website traffic. Website landing pages are still one of the top ways prospects provide information or show interest in your products and services. So be sure to continually optimize your website with fresh content and continually share to third-party sites.

SEO is also an integral component of an integrated digital marketing strategy. According to research by Google titled “Understanding Consumers’ Local Search Behavior”, 4 in 5 consumers use search engines to find information before making a purchase decision. And of course, the higher you rank on sites such as Google and Yahoo, the better the results. 53% of searchers click on the first organic result, with 25% clicking on the second and third results.

Mobile Friendly Window Repair Website Design

The world is an increasingly interconnected place. Telecommunications have done wonders to connect continents and cultures in real-time into one global culture, and air travel has shortened the lengths of the earth to traversable times. Additionally, as cities grow larger and absorb farther and farther territories into their extended metropolitan areas, one thing remains a constant necessity: vehicles.

Cost-Effective Marketing: Compared to traditional advertising methods, maintaining a website is relatively cost-effective. You can use your website as a central hub for your online marketing efforts, including social media campaigns and email newsletters.


Mobile Ready Web Design

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Search Engine Friendly

Search Engine Optimized Window Repair Website

A website gives your window repair business an online presence, making it easier for potential customers to find you when they search for window repair services on search engines like Google. This can significantly increase your visibility and reach. Optimizing your website for local search engine optimization (SEO) can help you appear in local search results when someone looks for window repair services in your area. This is crucial for attracting local customers who are actively seeking your services.

Connectivity Services, Shared Mobility, And Feature Upgrades

New business models that combine and are driven by connectivity services, shared mobility, and feature upgrades are a new trend to expand the window repair revenue pool by more than 25%.

Emerging Markets

Developments in emerging markets are triggering dramatic economic changes. This trend is accelerated by changing consumer ownership preferences and the rise of several new window repair technologies

Growing Preference For Having Window Repairs

In recent years, home owners have shown a growing preference for their maintenance and repair services at in-house repairs.